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We are on a mission to bring more women into leadership. It starts with finding your confidence – inside & out.

'Business wear -
for women, by women'

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Networking | Role models | Impact

Collectively having an impact: a force of empowered women in each organization working towards our mission – more women in leadership.

Women inspired to lead
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Interview September

Purchase a suit during the month of September & get a mentoring session with it. We will pair you with people from your industry that can give you a few tips and tricks. More infos coming soon. Make sure you sign up for our newsletter to be in the know!

'First impressions matter, let it be pure confidence'

sustainability @ saenguin

Vegan suits...

...that do not harm the environment or the people that produce them.

Sustainability is in our DNA and at the forefront of our production practices. We created a sustainability facts sheet to give you all the insights & inspire change in the industry. 

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Vegan & sustainable materials

Empowering supply chains

our blog

We want to learn, and share what we learn: what it means to be confident in our careers, in our style, how to live and dress more sustainably. 

care products

Taking the proper care of clothes makes all the difference.

Finding good, sustainable & ethical detergent on the other hand is difficult. That is why we partnered with Clothes Doctor – an amazing brand that cracked the code to detergents.

Their eco-friendly clothing care products were specially made to prolong the life of your garments. With natural, plant derived ingredients and invigorating fragrances, their luxury laundry products are a key part of any clothing maintenance routine. Designed and sourced sustainably with longevity in mind, their products help to reduce fashion pollution and waste. And we love it. Have we mentioned that they are also vegan?

So why not introduce your suit to their new best friend?
Click on the button and give their products a try!

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