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We dress women who shape the future.
A brand that stands for an empowered and ambitious
lifestyle of young professional women.

We design modern business wear that makes the ever-
changing urban corporate jungle easy to navigate.

Pieces are designed with confidence and empowerment at
its center while also coming from an equally empowered
and confident supply chain.
We connect like-minded women around the world through
fashion, careers and networking.

It shouldn’t matter what you wear, but it does. Millions of women work in male-dominated industries and we have found out the hard way how difficult it is to find the “right thing” to wear. We are here to make it easier. Professional clothing should empower you and be easy to navigate. Our products are a metaphor for who we are, who you are and how we should feel, going into high pressure situations: Confident and knowing you deserve to be there.

This is why we founded saenguin.

Optimistic, full of hope & confident that we can collectively achieve our mission to have more women – like you – in leadership positions.
Have you been here before? Love what we are trying to do? Join our network! Just drop us a line and we’ll be in touch on how you can get involved. – Love, Svenja & Marita