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We are saenguin, we are women, we are ambitious. 


This month we are launching our AMBITIOUS CAMPAIGN.

Our goal is to create a strong community of women who are empowered, own their strengths and say no to all the resilience and wrongful notions about women in the workplace or anywhere else.


To join the movement share your story with us & with the World via instagram using the #IAMBITIOUS so we can all connect.

Women are strong, ambitious and powerful, let all voices be heard!



Women are being held back by one of the most underrated, unacknowledged things in the workplace – language. Gender-biased language has been allowed to pull up a chair in the boardroom and cement itself as commonplace. What a lot of people fail to recognise however, is that gender-biased language even exists… 

I think most of the time it is not that we believe it’s impossible to have the power, success and confidence – maybe, just maybe it’s also the fact that we are conditioned not to like it that much in other women and ourselves. It’s really quite the paradox, isn’t it? The more joyous a woman becomes …

Aptly put by tech entrepreneur Stephanie Shirley in her TED talk, women who strive for and achieve ambitious goals are met with condescending retorts. There is this premonition that ambitious women have talons and razor teeth but in reality they just show up in their power suits with a desire to change things… 

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