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“The purpose of business is to solve problems of people and planet profitably”
– The British Academy

Saenguin’s purpose goes far beyond suit. We are on a quest to find out more about sustainable shopping, female empowerment and the ability of business to have an impact on the planet and society.

We define our purpose along the sustainable development goals of the UN and make them core to our values, always striving to improve on some dimension.

At saenguin we approach business scientifically by creating hypotheses and testing them. One of the big hypothesis is that a business model that puts leading by example of how we want all companies to produce will work out, and that doing things differently and innovatively creates for an incredible customer base.

Having always been curious about how to have an impact on society and the planet, entrepreneurship is an avenue with lot’s of flexibility and speed of execution. Having impact be one of the core values of the business, results in us constantly trying to learn more, be better and collaborate with people who have been in this space longer than we have.

Specifically we are interested in the following areas:

  • Improving our value chain by establishing our own production facilities and empower families in underprivileged areas by doing so
  • Fighting for female empowerment by sharing role models, research and content
  • Investing in sustainable shopping and technology